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SUNRISE MINISTRIES To reach the hurting and broken with the love of Jesus.  To offer a tangible path of hope for those exploited in sex trafficking and freedom from the trap of life’s bondage and addictions caused by a past of severe suffering.  And, to offer a path of freedom for anyone broken,  burned out and hurting.

Freedom is a powerful word. 
What does it mean that Jesus came to set the captive free and declare freedom to the prisoners'?  Who is the captive?  Who is the prisoner?  What is freedom in a chaotic world? We are launching new efforts to bring freedom and healing to anyone. 

Freedom is emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.  There is need for freedom in those on the front lines of ministry, those who are active in church, and those surviving on the street.  Jesus came to set both free.  The captive is the one who has been taken by the enemy and does not belong where they are held in bondage.  The prisoner is the one still paying for the cost of their sin without a release date. Jesus left the Holy Spirit anointing us with this same declaration. 

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Contributions for 2020:

Individual and Corporate donations 70%

Sales from Jewelry  4%

Rent from Transition House 26%

    Ministry Expenses for 2020

Outreach                     10%

Rehab/Counseling         29%

Transition Home           33%

International                 18%

Office Admin &Payroll   10%


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