Operation Liberate employs licensed private investigators in order to identify and locate trafficking victims, enabling law enforcement to rescue them.

We would love to send you an Operation Liberate bracelet!


These prayer bracelets are made by volunteers who have a passion for seeing victims freed and seeing us grow. They are a tangible way for you to be a part of what we are doing and to remind you to pray.


The different colored bands symbolize different spiritual themes that emphasize aspects of God's heart and provision. Choose the theme that calls to you as an aid in your prayers for victims.


Green: Abundant Life

Magenta: God's Passion

Medium Blue: Protection of God

Yellow: Truth

Aquamarine: God's Power

Purple: Kingship of Christ


Your purchase of $30 is the average cost for one investigative hour, so every bracelet purchased keeps our investigators in the field longer to help more victims.




To learn more about Operation Liberate and how YOU can help...

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