Sunrise Ministries

Sunrise Café will offer our Community:

  • Coffee from around the world supporting mission partners

  • Top-chef created menu offering healthy family-friendly breakfast, lunch and dessert

  • Community room for catered lunches, meetings and events

  • Partnership opportunities for local churches and shelters

  • Sunrise Shop that supports local artists and vendors

  • Kid's Corner for safe play while moms rest, fellowship and mentor other moms

  • Top Deck for outdoor eating and a morning sunrise view

Sunrise Ministries

Sunrise Café will offer our Employed:

  • ​Various levels of responsibility depending on where they come from

  • A variety of skill training that can carry over into other employment settings

  • Classes resume building, financial responsibility and productive business conduct

  • Life skill classes and electives in cooking, sewing, repair and maintenance and nutrition/health

  • Discipleship with a personal mentor

  • Opportunities to grow as a person and see themselves as valuable

  • Hope and love where it previously didn't exist

  • Encouragement to grow in a safe loving atmosphere

  • Natural, holistic health therapy for internal physical health and strength improvement

  • Grace in occasions calling for on-the-job disciplinary actions

  • Flexibility to go on job interviews for furthering employment stability

  • Assistance in finding permanent job placement.

  • Change in the community and for eternity - one life at a time